Halloween day

Halloween Day

It is the time of the year when as children we used to dread every day that the ghosts of the past relatives are hovering over us. But now with the passage of time, it is not about literal ghosts and spirits but more about Halloween costumes and candies. It is reported that one-quarter of candies in America are sold at the time of Halloween. Oh yes, in a way we all become children again and play dress-up at the time of Halloween. A large number of people shop for costumes at Halloween and buy different costumes to celebrate and party.

Halloween is celebrated on 31st October every year. It was first celebrated by Celts as a holiday of Samhain. It is a time to welcome the winter season and to celebrate the transitions of life. It acts as a bridge between the world of the deceased and the living. Over time, the pagan ritualistic has changed into a global event where many country citizens participate and celebrate it more as a custom than a ritual. It has become a holiday for both children and adults to dress up with costumes and indulge in festivities. 

Why Pumpkin?

I have always wondered that why a pumpkin of all the fruits associated with Halloween. So, let’s dwell on the reason. 

Pumpkin is harvested in October and is a versatile plant which features flowers, seeds, and flowers. It is used in making soups, bread and pumpkin pie is a special treat made especially for Halloween. So, this fruit signifies the abundance of growth and richness and it signals the time of fall which again is all about abundance. Hundreds of years ago in Ireland, the custom of making Jack-o’-lanterns was first seen. At that time turnips and potatoes were used but with the passage of time, it evolved into Pumpkins and turned Pumpkin into a significant fruit for Halloween. 

Trick or Treating

I think as a child we all loved Trick or Treating when we used to dress up and collect candies, chocolates, pies, and cakes from the neighbors. But, even now it is one of my favorite events to look forward to. I wait for it the entire year and welcome the kids who come to my door. I think it is a great custom which connects us with our own childhood. This tradition dates back to the All Day Soul’s parades in England. At that time, poor citizens were given food and fruits and “soul cakes” with the promise that they will pray for their deceased relatives. With the time this tradition was turned into Trick or Treating where the children began to ask the neighbors for treats. 

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