Privacy policy

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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy states the right of CouponorCode to collect and use the information when you use this website. This Privacy Policy applies to all the users of CouponorCode website published at or any other website or application linked with CouponOrCode. 

You are requested to read this Privacy Policy carefully as it outlines what and how we tend to collect your information and also where we use it. We would urge you to keep visiting this page for further updates as we replace or update it according to the needs. If you disagree with this Privacy Policy or about any other thing was written or communicated through our other pages then, discontinue using this website or any other site linked with CouponorCode.

Please email us for any queries or comments at

Personal Information we tend to Collect:

We collect Personal Information and use it to identify, locate or interact with individuals. There is other information we collect which are also linked with personal information. We collect various types of information:

Contact Information:

This is the information which let us contact you personally, via email or postal mail. For this regard, we collect your name, address, email address, phone number postal code and postal address or any other information we collect to contact you through CouponorCode. 

Relationship Information:

This information helps us to build a connection with you. This informs us about who you are based on your choices and what brand, store, advertisement or coupon you might prefer. This also includes your information collected through your Social Media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Wordpress, etc. For this, we collect your birth date, age, gender, zip code etc.

Transaction Information:

This information includes the usage or selection of your coupons on our website. This includes the communication which you might make through our website to any other website through our referral such as any transaction which you might make.

Location Information:

This includes your location and geo location.  This includes information about your country, state, city and postal code. 

Analytics Information:

This information includes your use of our website and the medium through which you use it. We collect your IP address, access time, Unique Device Identifier, domain name, device name and model, screen views, language preference and operating system types. 

How CouponorCode collects your Personal Information: 

We might ask you for certain information at the time of registration, subscription or when you create an account. You might be asked for Personal or Relationship Information to avail certain services. We collect your information when you use our website from one or more devices. We track the coupons you select, use, redeem or submit to us; when you make any purchases or join any discussion or forum on our website. We also use cookies and other such technologies to collect data about your computer or operating device or when you interact with our partner websites. We also collect your personal information when you contact us and thus share your information with us such as your name, email address, postal address, phone number, etc.
If you use a social media website or any other third-party website related to CouponorCode then this Privacy Policy does not state the rights of that website or in any way liable to be questioned about the Privacy Policy of that website. You are requested to visit that website and read their Privacy Policy for better security and details. 
When you use our website from your mobile device then we tend to collect your personal information from that mobile device. Therefore, if you do not wish to share this information or limit it then you can change your mobile device settings. We may collect your location data, geolocation, and access time information. If you have enabled Bluetooth® then we can access your location as well as the duration of which you were at that certain place. We can also collect your information even when you are not directly using our website. In certain cases, we may use your Internet Protocol Address to access your general location. 
We will also update your personal information on our site, with the information collected from other Third Party websites which are linked to us. This information includes your demographic information and information regarding your choices and preferences. This information is used to enhance our information we have about you also it better helps us in showing you advertisements you might be interested in. 

How CouponorCode uses your information:

We use this information to improve the quality of our service. To show the users coupons and offers which might interest them based on their previous choices, location, demography, etc and to evaluate whether the user is eligible to use a certain coupon or not. Also, it is used to estimate the types of coupons or deals which users might use more. This information further helps us in tracking the redeemed coupons and offers so that we can generate the success rate of a specific coupon. It is also used to provide support and answer queries of the consumers and merchants alike. It will help us in contacting you and providing you with new offers and discount deals which might interest you. We will also send you reminders about technical changes, amendments in Privacy Policy, updates, security information, and support emails. This information also helps us in showing advertisements based on your preferences and choice on our website and Third Party website. We can send these advertisements via email, telephone call, Text Messages and Mobile push notifications. We use certain information for verification purposes and to avoid fraudulent and suspicious activities. We tend to give you a safe and secure platform to use and thus this information is used to tighten the security. 

Circumstances in which we disclose your personal information: 

We tend to share your personal information under certain circumstances which are approved by law and order. 
We will share your personal information with our service providers. This information will be kept confidential and will be solely used to contact you regarding your queries and we might send you promotional emails, newsletters, push notifications and SMS alerts. Our service providers are bound to protect this information by law and order and there will not be any breach or fraudulent activities. We might share your information with the merchants but only under special circumstances and we might inform you before proceeding. This information is shared with our CouponorCode business partners and they are also sworn to secrecy by law. We can at times of confusion or mishap share your Contact Information and Transactional Information with the advertisers so that they can pay the commission which is due to us. 
This Privacy Policy is solely responsible for CouponorCode and any other websites attached to it or third party websites have different Privacy Policy, users are urged to read their Privacy Policies before moving ahead. 
Your NonIdentifiable information could be shared with our partners, merchants, networks, and other associates liked with us without prior notice for data configuration mainly.

Technological Devices and Cookies:

When you visit our website, we tend to use a number of technological devices which might help us in assessing your data more carefully. We use Cookies, Web Beacons, Pixel tags, Browser analysis and other devices. 
The information in cookies and web beacons is stored from your computers and is then transferred to us. It works like this that when you visit our website the cookie from our web page is stored on your computer or mobile device. It stores your information such as geolocation, location and transactional information mostly and it then through the web servers shares this information with us. This is why when you will visit our website again; we will know that you have visited before. 
A cookie is a small data file which is stored in your computers and the purpose is to store your information and then share it with us. There are two types of cookies such as Session cookie and Persistent cookie. Session cookie stays in your browser for a short period of time, whereas the Persistent cookie stays in your browser for a longer time sometimes up to 2 months. 
 Pixel Tags and Web Beacons are small graphic images which are present on our web pages or emails. Their job is to inform us whether a certain action has been taken place or not. This will help us in generating better results for our website in the future. 
We use different information collected from these devices such as your browser types, IP Address, domain, system settings, and language preference and location details. These details come under the category of non-identifiable information and will not in any way identify you as an individual. 

Security of your information:

CouponorCode is responsible for the security of your personal details. For this, there is firewall protection program and software installed in our system to prevent any malicious anti-virus or thefts.  However, it should be noted that no information over the internet is fully protected and that there cannot be given the guarantee that the information will not be accessed, disclosed or used in a harmful way. 

Third-Party Privacy Policy:

This Privacy Policy only states the uses and disclosure of your personal information on CouponorCode, therefore, we are in no way to be held responsible for the Privacy Policies of third parties such as merchants or networks who work with us. It is advisable to read their privacy policies before taking any action.

Amendments to this Privacy Policy:

This Privacy Policy is subject to amendments from time to time, therefore, users are asked to keep visiting this page for any updates. We can change this privacy policy without prior notice and may not even inform you about it. Thus, it is your responsibility when you use this website to read the privacy policy thoroughly. 

Privacy of Children: 

CouponorCode has made it clear that any information on this site or any redemption or usage of coupons to be used by children under thirteen years of age. When a user uses our website, it is taken that the individual is older than thirteen years and therefore CouponorCode is liable to delete any such action taken by a thirteen-year-old if given the information that it was a child behind this action.