About us

Post by: Admin, 2016-11-13 23:44:47


We are living in a world which revolves around credit card bills and debts so; saving money has become an enigma. CouponorCode is here to save you from this mirthless cycle. We want you to enjoy spending money as well as saving it. You might be wondering that how can you save seeing that there is always something urgent that requires your attention and that you need to buy it as urgently as you can? Just as I told you with Coupon or Code you will be able to save. You will find coupons, discount promos, vouchers and many other exciting offers on our website which will let you buy all you want at a much lesser price. This is every shopper’s dream come true. With this solution we are encouraging you to shop more and shop without any fear about bills. We want to create a debt-free world for all the shoppers out there. Even if we are able to free one person from debts, we believe that we have come closer to achieving our goal.


We have a bunch hardworking, zealous and dedicated professionals working for us. They love shopping and what they love more than shopping is to collect exclusive coupons, promos, discount offers and deals for the consumers. They work round the clock and are really passionate to please every user who comes on our website. There are thousands and thousands of deals and offers available online and so their task is to scour the best deals like a needle in a haystack. They make us proud and we love having them around which is why we have set up a really cool workplace environment which suits them fine. 


Our sole aim is to enable the consumers who shop through our website to receive the maximum amount of satisfaction through saving on their favorite brands. This is why we love getting feed backs and listening to the consumers’ suggestions. We want to grow into a global website with millions of users every month and to be able to fulfill all their needs. This is why we have incorporated several features on our website. Plus, in this era of rising economic issues we want to save millions of dollars of our customers through our coupons, coupon codes, discount vouchers and promo offers. We are working really hard on our end to make you save as much as possible and so the ball is in your court now. 

In our quest to save your money we have ended up in affiliation with countless of brands. Check out the names and see we have missed any of your favorite brands. Currently, we are working with Target, Wayfair, Shoedazzle, Modlily, Bebe, Shindigz, DFDS, Sixt, Stena Line, Paula’s Choice, Rotita, Sammy Dress, Bodybuilding, Look Human, Earthing and many others. 

Check out our website now and shop till you drop. Remember, it’s not about how much money you make but rather how much you save!